Company Profile

Itsuki Formwork Builder Co,Ltd

1734-1 Sasakubo,Iwatuki-ku,Saitama-city,Saitama,Japan

Tel +81 48 797 5305
Fax +81 48 797 5306
E-mail info@itsuki-k.com

Message from the President

I graduated high school from Akita Prefecture in 1994.

Saitama Prefecture opened a small construction company and started with four people in January 2001.

Since the company was founded, we lived within our core values of ambition, confidence, and wisdom.

Our progress has been a step by step journey.

We did not give up even during tough times, and we strived to move forward despite of difficulties in life.

On the other hand, my personal philosophy is to contribute to the development of the society through manufacturing. I have always persevered without bending this belief.

From a small company that first begun with four people, we are now subcontracting more than 200 skilled craftsmen. We are able to continuously grow by managing competent human resources and retaining good people.

Nowadays, several industries have struggled attracting younger workers. However, our company has been accounted for employing many young workers from ages 20 to 30 years old.

Employees are the greatest asset of our company. Here are the following qualities that we look for in an ideal employee:

1. aspiring
2. motivated
3. spirited
4. dedicated
5. persistent

I look forward to working with employees who share the same work values and business principles as of our company’s.

Tomoki Itou